Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AL: Shooting at bar leaves robber dead: "The shooting happened in the upstairs part of Humphrey's Bar & Grill on Washington Street around 2:15 a.m., 15 minutes after the bar's posted closing time, said police spokesman Harry Hobbs. A robber walked up to two maintenance men upstairs, pulled a gun and shot one of them, Hobbs said. The second maintenance man struggled with the robber taking his gun and fatally shooting him, authorities said. The robber, identified as Damian Marcos Antony King, 32, died at the scene, and the wounded maintenance man, John Joseph Mullins, 40, is being treated at Huntsville Hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, Hobbs said. The second maintenance man is in the custody of Huntsville police but has not been charged with a crime."

Guns on campus mean safer campuses 2011: "Guns on campus is in the news again. In my ongoing series on Guns On Campus, I answer issues that somehow seem to be guesswork on the part of non-gun owner students and trustees. I say this because anti-liberty reasoning sounds like good faith dealings at first, but when assumptions are corrected and excuses run out, trustees play the one card which vexes adults: No guns on campus. This disturbing final maneuver gives credence to the claims of abuses of power as it continues to avoid the practical solution to violence, and that is recognizing the adult student’s authority over the violent situation.”

MI: Gun safety not part of many parents’ conversations with kids: "‘When more than half of non-gun owning parents have never discussed gun safety with their children and nearly 1 in 5 gun-owning parents have never discussed gun safety with their children, many children may be unprepared to understand and follow the basics of gun safety,’ Davis says. ‘Parents need to learn how to talk to their children about gun safety whether they own a gun or not, to be sure their children are prepared should they ever encounter a situation where a gun is present.’ … Regardless of gun ownership, parents who have talked to their children about gun safety guidelines are more confident that their kids will practice gun safety than parents who have not talked with their children.”

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