Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FL: Armed homeowner is cleared in electricity company face-off: "FPL employees Bruno Berrio and Timothy Pyke traveled to Vino's trailer home at the Jones Fishing Camp. Pyke and Berrio, both in FPL uniform, told police that Vino confronted them and they immediately identified themselves as FPL employees. Then Vino -- still pointing his gun -- ``marched them" off his property, slapping the helmet off Pyke before shooting the rifle in the air. But the judge discounted the FPL employees' version. "Mr. Vino, upon recognizing that Mr. Pyke and Mr. Berrio were FPL employees, lowered his weapon and asked [them] why didn't they call him before entering his property," Judge Thornton wrote in his ruling, adopting the defendant's more benign version of events. Vino ``escorted" them to the fence before he fired ``one shot, not at Mr. Pyke or Mr. Berrio, but up in the air," Thornton wrote. The judge ruled that Vino was immune from prosecution ``up to the point where he realized the two reasonably believed burglars were in fact FPL workers," meaning the shot fired in the air could still be an unlawful discharge."

“Winning firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time”: "Ten years is a very long time, during which a political landscape can change, and so can the judicial arena. Ten years ago, if someone had suggested that the politically-fashionable handgun bans in Washington, D.C. and Chicago could be struck down on Second Amendment grounds, he might have been laughed out of town. Today, a herd of municipal attorneys for cities and towns large and small are paying a lot closer attention to firearms regulations.”

Concealed carry for modern America: "My wife is forcing me, against my will, to get a CCW. I don’t acknowledge the right of the state to grant this right, as the 2nd Amendment states ‘The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not be Infringed,’ and being forced to buy a license IS infringing. But she’s tired of my bitching about the license, and thinks I need to carry as the society deteriorates, so we’re gonna get the licenses together.”

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