Saturday, April 06, 2013

3D Printed AK Magazine Released by Defense Distributed

Defense Distributed has released a video of a 3D printed AK-47 type magazine. The exact capacity of the magazine is not specified, though it appears to be about 30 rounds. In the video, I did not see more than 10 rounds fired from any particular magazine. The video was released a few hours ago on April 5, 2013.

I embeded the video, and it worked fine, but on a retest a few minutes later, the video was labled as "not found". I found the same response at the Defense Distributed site.

Update: The video is available again.

I checked the site where Defense Distributed releases its files for 3D printed objects that are banned elsewhere, the Island of Misfit Objects and did not find the AK magazine files available for distribution. I expect that they will be made available fairly quickly.

Defense Distributed is still raising funds for full implementation of their searchable webpage for 3D printing files, so this may be the reason for the inability to find the Feinstein Magazine files (named after the infamous Senator who wishes to gradually disarm Americans).

The site does have the files available for their improved and reinforced AR-15 lower receiver and their 30 round AR-15 Magazine named "the Cuomo", in honor of the infamous anti-freedom Governor.

Youtube video embeded.

Link to DefCad site Island of Misfit Objects

Link to Defense Distributed site (video was there)

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