Saturday, October 05, 2013

AR:Hot Springs: Open Carry Events OK; Single Person Not

 The threat to confiscate firearms and issue summons appears to be a direct admission of denial of rights under color of law.  Could the officers be concerned that their actions would certainly be recorded by a group of citizens, but they might be able to prevent recording by a single individual?  How man is a group? Two?  Three?  More?

There are mixed signals coming from Hot Springs and Garland County regarding open carry and Act 746.   According to the Garland County prosecutor, Steve Oliver, the intent is clear when people are marching and openly carrying but the same cannot be said about an individual citizen walking "down Central Avenue."  Therefore anyone open carrying alone will have their firearm confiscated and issued a summons to appear in court.  There will not be any on-site arrests.   Here is the article from the Sentinel-Record:

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