Saturday, October 05, 2013

AZ:Girls' night out packing new kind of heat at Scottsdale Gun Club

Full disclosure:  The owner of Scottsdale Gun Club is a cousin of mine, and has credited some early training that I gave him as the inspiration for his career and, eventually, the opening or the world famous gun club.  The credit all belongs to him and his wife, their hard work, perseverance, and vision.  It is nice to think that I planted a viable seed, quite a few years ago.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Mention the phrase "girls’ night" and most people think of the local bar scene and the age old ploy designed to attract women patrons - not to mention the men who are inclined chase them.

But girls’ night is taking on a whole new meaning at a number of area gun clubs, where women are dropping their designer purses and picking up pistols instead.   

Managers at the Scottsdale Gun Club say concerns over personal safety have women flocking to their establishment.

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