Saturday, December 07, 2013

Poll on Nonsensical Gun Ban at USA Today

USA Today has a pair of opinion pieces in the December 3rd edition.

One, "A truly plastic gun ban: Opposing view" argues that the ban was a bad idea to begin with, and should be allowed to lapse. There is a poll at the lower right side of the article with the following responses:

Strongly agree and Agree: 80%

Strongly disagree and Disagree: 19%

Don't know, 1%

    Total votes were 237 this morning.

    The USA Today view:  Plastic guns' Wild West: Our view, which pushes for a stronger ban, has the following responses:

    Strongly agree and agree:  30%

    Disagree and Strongly disagree: 55%

    Don't know, 4%

    Total votes were 192 this morning.

    The links allowed me to vote when I went there this morning.

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    1 comment:

    Billll said...

    Poll 1 Agree 85%, Dis 13%

    Poll 2 Agree 28%, Dis 69%