Monday, March 03, 2014

Free .22 Ammo at Gun Show

As I observed the scarcity of .22 ammunition over the last year, and considered the largess that I had accumulated over the previous decades, I considered what to do with it.   I had more .22 ammunition than I would likely shoot over the course of my remaining life.   I shoot less and write more these days.

I could sell it.  Prices are high.  But, my church has reminded me that generosity is a virtue.  I decided to give some of it away.   The problem is that people do not value what they get for free.   I wasn't willing to give it all to someone else who would just stick it in their storage vault, or sell it so that they could pocket the money.  10 rounds of .22 may not be much ammunition, but there is an enormous difference between having 10 rounds of ammunition, and having no rounds of ammunition.  I also want people to read what I write.  Writers are funny that way.

So, I went to the Yuma Gun show with a couple of thousand rounds of .22 ammo (mostly Remington), stuck 10 rounds in baggies with a business card, and gave it away to anyone who said that they would look at the Gun Watch blog.

I have a high opinion of people who come to gun shows.  They are a couple of steps up from the general population.  Whether responsible people are attracted to guns, or that guns of necessity tend to help create responsible people, is hard to say.  It is probably a complex positive feedback loop.   I had no way to enforce my informal contract, and I wasn't worried about it. 

Yes, it was a promotional stunt.  And it was free .22 ammunition, and it was fun.  I stopped handing out  ammunition when I ran out  of business cards to give out with it, about 2,500 rounds later.

I had arranged to sit with the AZCDL (Arizona Citizens Defense League) to assist in bringing more members to AZCDL.  They are premier second amendment and freedom defenders in Arizona.  They are everything you hoped that the NRA would be in defending your rights, but without the constant fundraising and self promotion.  They are the people who were the most responsible for Arizona going to constitutional carry.  I am a life member.  I think I helped bring in a few memberships.

I was mildly surprised at the number of savvy consumers who shied away from anything with "free" on it.  Still, there were lots of people who agreed to look at Gun Watch and take the ammo when I explained what I was doing.  I warned them that reading my writing was addictive.  I told them that they would keep coming back, again and again, even though there were no naked people or advertisements at the blog.   I told them that what I was doing was similar to giving away free cocaine, that over time, their world view would change, and there was no blue pill to get it back.

On the next table over was a group of Girl Scouts selling girl scout cookies.  Everybody had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad you ruined a good article by getting snippy about the NRA. The NRA is the only gun group that supports your rights in all matters. They protect your rights on the federal, state and local level, they teach gun safety, they support our military and they have just as many lawsuits filed as the Second Amendment Foundation. If you don't like their fundraisers, just remember that while someone doesn't like getting a letter in the mail, people like me are getting out their checkbooks. I don't recall the other gun groups sending out a monthly magazine for the price of a yearly membership. I don't recall the goa ever filing a lawsuit. I don't recall the other gun groups providing legal council for over sixty cases a year for their members.