Thursday, October 16, 2014

Gun Stolen from Open Carrier was not Loaded; as Required by Law

A week ago I wrote an article about the unicorn event of an open carrier having his firearm stolen by an armed robber.   It is only the second event that has been documented.   Numerous pundits sided with those who want their political opponents disarmed.   An important detail was left out of the story.

Multnomah County, where the robbery took place, requires that openly carried guns must be unloaded.   The ordinance makes it an offense to possess a loaded magazine or speed loader if you do not have a concealed carry permit.  As the open carrier was barely old enough to apply for a CCW permit, it is highly likely that he did not have one yet.   None was mentioned in the news coverage.  From
Although the County website often removes or changes URLs, the most recent one containing the ordinance can be seen here.

While there will be more on this in coming days, including reports from OFF members who attended the hearing, here is the summary:

Open loaded carry will now be illegal in Multnomah County for non-licensees.
Only security guards who work at banks will be allowed to be armed. Armed guards elsewhere would be prohibited   (Apparently much of the “gun violence” is being committed by security guards.)

It will now be unlawful for a person without a CHL to have a loaded magazine or speed loader in any public place, including your car, anywhere in the county.
A severe infringement on the second amendment legally required that the firearm owned by the victim was not capable of being fired. 

It reveals a new perspective on the case.

On a lighter note, did I mention that the pistol was a Walther .22?   Have you tried to find .22 ammunition lately? 

Multnomah County is the location of  the Portland, Oregon metroplex.

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Anonymous said...

That's like saying you can carry a club but it can not have a handle Carrying an unloaded gun from one place it can't be fired to another place it can't be fired seems to defeat the purpose of carrying for self protection. When I wear a tie I usually wear a tie clip it is mostly for show or pretty. If the crooks know the law then the gun just looks pretty. Pretty girls don't scare me and I have carried many of those why should a pretty empty gun scare me. I don't ask pretty girls to defend me but my guns had better be able to defend me.