Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AL: Neighbor Shoots Aggressive Dog

We spoke with the man who is being accused of killing the dog. He says the dog came into his yard while he was getting the mail and acted aggressively.

“The dog gets in a crouched position with his teeth showing and that’s when I shot the dog and he was in my driveway,” Leonard Turner said.

“He just shot him, and he’s my neighbor and he never told me once that any of my dogs were bothering him ever,” Sorrels said

Leonard Turner told us he had felt threatened by the Sorrels family’s dogs before so he started carrying a weapon when he went outside.

“I’m sorry I had to kill the dog I hate it happened but I can’t go back and change it and if I did I’d probably have to go back and shoot it again I mean I know I would,” Turner said.
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