Friday, July 24, 2015

Followup WA: Shooting After Attack not Justified

Bushnell says during the confrontation, Poindexter assaulted him with a wooden bat, which was later recovered by police. Bushnell received blows to the head, but police say what Bushnell allegedly did next was not a justified use of deadly force.

“The defendant retrieved a handgun from a backpack, made the decision to go after Poindexter, who had walked a short distance away, and fired three shots at Poindexter. Two of the rounds struck Poindexter in the back,” Wohl said.

Despite Bushnell's good intentions, police say pursuing Poindexter with a gun after their fight was over, was an unnecessary use of force.
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Anonymous said...

He should have waited for the police to arrive so they could rum him down with a cruiser at 60 miles an hour. I guess the base ball bat isn't as deadly as a pellet gun. I have worked ER cases where people were beaten to death with a base ball bat but I have never seen a fatality from a pellet gun.