Thursday, July 30, 2015

WI: Men Breaking into car Confronted, 1 shot

The man and an accomplice were breaking into a car when they were confronted by the owner, who ultimately shot him.

Both break-in suspects are in custody and the shooting is under investigation, police said.
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Anonymous said...

All of these self defense shootings must be having an effect on the crime rates. HOW MANY OF THESE CRIMES ARE FIRST TIME OFFENDERS? And how many have just committed their last crime. At the rate we are going we may eventually run out of the crud of our society. It may become dodge city for a short while once we get every one or most everyone carrying but there will be far less incidence occurring as we run out of the criminals. The plus side of this is taxes will go down when we have fewer to take care of in our prisons year after year. Far less cost of lengthy trials and less cops on the street. All cost saving measures. Potters field burials may increase. Who knows they may like being buried on boot hill. I'm always willing to teach people fast draw for free. You should only practice with the weapon you are going to carry, get good with that and anything else you may have to shoot will be easy to use. Everyone should have a weapon that fits them, What you think you like may not be it. I suggest shooting several types of weapons to determine what you are best with, what feels comfortable and easy to use. I personally like a revolver but actually I'm very good with just about anything. Caliber is very important, bigger is not always better. being able to hit what you aim at is the most important thing after safety. I can shoot a 454 mag but I would never want one. Too much gun for my small hands. The ammo is to heavy to carry many extra rounds. when you run out of ammo you are left with a very short club.