Sunday, July 26, 2015

MSNBC's Poll Shows Support for Carrying Guns in Public

In the wake of the theater shooting in Louisiana, the Chattanooga Jihadi attack on the U.S. military, and the church mass shooting in South Carolina, MSNBC might have thought that people would be against carrying guns in public.  They sponsored an online poll.    MSNBC wisely put guards in place to prevent multiple votes from individuals.  If they thought that people desired more gun control, they were wrong.

At the time of this article, they had received 234 thousand votes.  I am sure that they appreciate the clicks, but given their editorial stance in favor of any restrictions on the second amendment, anywhere, anytime, I suspect that they were surprised.  Here is the poll question and the possible responses.

Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?

1. Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it.   91%

2. No, it's too dangerous.  5%

3. Only for self defense.  4%

Notice that the total in favor of people carrying guns in public is 95%.

Link to poll

It is likely that the MSNBC policy of allowing only one vote per person is contributing to the lopsided result.    Second Amendment Supporters outnumber disarmists many times over.  The ratio may be as high as 20 to 1.

 Definition of  disarmist 

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Update: The poll was started in May of 2014.    As a long running poll at MSNBC, it has started seeing renewed attention this week. 

Update 2: The total votes are now at 326K, up 90K in a couple of days.

1. Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it.   92%

2. No, it's too dangerous.  4%

3. Only for self defense.  4%

This indicates that the ratios are pretty stable and longterm, about 20 to 1 in favor of the public carry of firearms, by people who care about the issue.


Wireless.Phil said...

Same old same, back and forth, for and against.

Never-ending U.S. shooting sprees: Darcy cartoon

Wireless.Phil said...

There is another poll on that page, but you have to read the reason behind it.
Target is asking customers not to bring in "long guns", but its not a ban. Handguns are ok.

The poll is underthe article below:

Target announces but won't enforce gun ban - The ...

The Washington Post
Jul 3, 2014 - While this is not a ban on legally possessed firearms in its stores, we will continue to honor our months long policy of not taking long arms into Target stores or any other business.” Note that their policy is not to bring long arms into stores


Anonymous said...

The tenth amendment re enforces the second amendment.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I voted it went to 92%, made me feel important lol.