Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rob Morse: Keeping the Anti-Gun Dream Alive

Some people still believe gun-prohibition works. That fading idea is like a sick old man on life support. It takes more and more effort simply to keep that fading fantasy alive.

They try. These anti-rights lobbyists pump out a heartbeat of press releases paid for with a billionaire’s money. Yes, I mean Bloomberg, as well as the Joyce, Tides and Heinz foundations.

Here is an example. The murders at the Charleston, South Carolina church were in a gun free zone. The billionaires who wants you disarmed said we need more background checks.. while admitting the murderer passed his firearms owner background check.

Well, duhh.

A crazed gunman attacked a Dallas, Texas police station. The Bloomberg groups blamed a new law allowing open carry of firearms. They forgot to mention that the open carry law does not go into effect until next year.


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Anonymous said...

Par for the course, they will not stop beating it into our brains though. Its their reason to live..........

Roger V. Tranfaglia