Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fl: Open Carry Event on Tampa Pier

ADulay, a regular contributor to, wrote about the open carry event that was held in Tampa over the weekend.   From
For those of you who could not make this meeting, here's a very quick synopsis of what you missed.

Just over 50 guys, all open carrying, showed up with fishing gear, donuts, coffee and a great attitude.

No police anywhere near the place. Lots of civilian people fishing and no problems with that at all.

Several questions from curious people and most, if not all were amazed at the laws in Florida. I can only assume that nobody made a "man with a gun call" to the police!

It was very hot out there, even in the shaded areas of the fishing pier.

ABC news did show up for some interviews and all in all, it was a very good meeting.

Hard to believe that the news didn't make anything out of "50 armed men at fishing pier". Nobody injured or taken hostage!!! Evidently CNN didn't get the word!

Seriously, lots of really good people all with the same goal in mind. It was well worth the effort for me to get out of the house at 7am to make the meet up north.

For the record, no fish were harmed during the entire event!


Florida is one of the five remaining states that ban the open carry of firearms in most public places.  Those five states are: California, New York, Illinois, South Carolina, and Florida. 

Florida's ban on open carry is fairly recent.  When the shall issue concealed carry permit law was passed in 1987, Janet Reno, of Waco fame, President Clinton's Attorney General, was the State Attorney for Dade County,  Florida.  The concealed carry permit bill included state pre-emption that eliminated the power of Florida cities to ban open carry inside of their borders.

Reno was incensed by this and mounted a campaign to ban open carry.   She succeeded.  The legislature, in an act quite similar to New York's passage of the "Safe Act", held a special session, bypassed the normal committee hearings, testimony, and citizen input, and banned open carry in most places.  Some would suggest that this "success" was instrumental in Janet Reno's selection as Attorney General under President Bill Clinton.

Following the statist tactic of outlawing everything that is not allowed, open carry was banned everywhere except for a few exceptions.  One of those exceptions was to allow the open carry of firearms while fishing.  It is this exception in the law that Second Amendment activists are using to promote the restoration of open carry rights to Florida.

The next generation of Second Amendment supporters being raised in Florida.

Florida Carry organized the open carry event and is vigorously working toward restoring open carry in Florida.   In addition to open carry events, they have mounted court challenges and have had success in lobbying the legislature.

Texas is the most recent state to restore open carry freedoms.  Its new law will take effect on 1 January, 2016.

Florida  and South Carolina are the most likely candidates to restore open carry after Texas.  The Florida ban has been in effect for less than 30 years, and Florida has had significant success with its shall issue concealed carry law.  Governor Rick Scott has said that if an open carry bill passes the legislature, he will sign it.

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Unknown said...

This is slightly irrelevant. I have a 7-page treatise with my view on blacks in America. It includes short details of a few events that Dark-Americans were involved in. Send me e-mail if you want to see it: cornell9 [at]

Wireless.Phil said...

ABC NEWS also got this:

Gun store now Muslim Free Zone
Two YouTube videos below and article url.

Citrus Co. gun store owner declares his business Muslim-free zone
Local advocates want federal investigation

Erik Waxler
5:39 PM, Jul 20, 2015
4 hours ago

"Chatanooga Shooting: Florida Gun Supply's Response to Terrorism"

"Florida Gun Store Owner Declares His Business 'Muslim-Free' - Newsy"

Wireless.Phil said...

6:39pm, ABC NEWS

Now its 7 states arming recruiters.

Also, now they worry about armed Drones.
I guess OUR government, as usual, worries about something after someone thinks about it before " those idiots" do?

I think they call that lack of foresight!

Idiots running this country!

Wireless.Phil said...

Did I think about it?
Yes, but I was thinking of the smaller drones and didn't think they could handle the recoil.

Stupid me.

Anonymous said...

if Janet Reno did away with our rights...PAM BONDI..needs to restore them..especially with a NRA A+ rated legislature here in Florida...What say you vote for you in your re-election bid , rides on the outcome of YOUR desire and work to restore our rights taken from us by Janet Reno.....imho

Anonymous said...

I can not say it often enough, I want people to actually read the constitutional limitations for creating gun laws and really understand what they say. We first had the United States Constitution then about two years later the Bill of Rights was added as the first ten amendments. the tenth amendment was intended to re enforce the other nine. there is no question of states rights. States can not change the second amendment. the tenth amendment forces the individual states to recognize and enforce the second amendment as written in the federal constitution. Shall Not Infringe is in the second amendment in the federal constitution So the states can not change it or ad to it. The tenth amendment guarantees the second amendment. You can not license, tax or regulate a right. The second amendment is a guaranteed right. Any law or regulation interfering with the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms and anything related to that right is an infringement. The tenth amendment guarantees anything in the federal constitution is a nation wide mandate. Anything not in the federal constitution is left up to the individual state constitutions and anything not covered in either constitution is left up to the people as un enumerated rights. the second amendment has only 26 words in it and none of those words are open , concealed, locked ,trigger guard lock, age, number of rounds, number of magazines, license, permit or tax. the states must recognize the 26 words as written and can do nothing else. There re no valid state gun laws. and congress can not create an agency to make infringing regulations for the congress. all laws, regulations, acts must originate in congress, Not an agency they create. the BATF is an unconstitutional agency. The word explosives does not exist in the federal constitution anywhere. since ammunition is an explosive it falls under shall not infringe. Like it or not that is fact.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could upload documents to this site. I have a number of very relevant documents to any number of issues related to gun laws, religion and other topics that in ways actually relate to many of the issues that affect gun laws. I have been studying the constitution and various types of law for over 40 years. I have actually corrected sitting judges on the wording in laws. I have never spent a day in law school, I am self taught. as anyone can see I am not a trained journalist, but I write articles to keep busy. I speak to many of the issues I have personal experience with. Some times I am incorrect but rarely ever wrong, lol. I'm 67 years old and have had at least six different professions. I have owned and operated a sporting good store with an FFL, Been in the computer retail business. I am a trained silver smith. I have been in the grocery business worked in the mining industry, retired from health care and represent myself pro se in legal matters. As a hobby I study the constitutions and several types of specialized law. I am an expert marksman with just about any kind of weapon I pick up and have a good familiarity of martial arts. I have an exceptionally high IQ that does not seem to surface very often. but when I need it, it is there. I have invented several things and was an electronic warfare instructor for top secret equipment. I have had an interesting life. And I love all three of my daughters very much. I am a southern Baptist and a hard core right winger. If Trump keeps going, I will support him all the way into the oval office. The only thing the president needs to be is an expert manager. He highers the help he needs. I think Trump fills the bill very well.