Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WI: Armed Pharmacy Employee Stops Robbery

A pharmacy employee recently thwarted a theft by pointing a gun at the suspected robber.

Sarah Dixon was working at Pharmacy Station in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, the morning of July 7, 2015, when she received a note that said, “This is a robbery. Don’t panic, or I will shoot,” according to GazetteXtra.

The note, which was allegedly from a man named Gerrick R. Richey, also demanded 60 oxycodone tablets.

Dixon received the note and told a pharmacy technician to call the police, according to the criminal complaint. Dixon then headed to the back room, and the alleged suspect followed her. She then retrieved a gun from her purse and pointed it at Richey.

The pharmacy’s surveillance footage showed Dixon continuing to point the gun at Richey as she directed him from the back of the store to the front.

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