Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rob Morse: While Obama Looks the Other Way..Citizens and Governors Defend Military

Another of our military members has died. That makes five people who were murdered by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, Tennessee. By orders of their superiors, these sailors and marines were disarmed when they were attacked.

Americans acted. I wrote about citizens defending military offices in Georgia. Today there are more citizens doing the same thing. Some are in Virginia. (a second report on the same person) More citizens are protecting our military in Ohio where they are joined by off duty sheriffs officers and Ohio Carry.

These state governors took steps for an armed defense at the recruiting offices and military bases in their state. Some used law enforcement and other governors used the national guard; Texas Governor Abbott, Louisiana Governor Jindal, Oklahoma Governor Fallin, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Meanwhile, President Obama has said that the military will remain disarmed.

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Anonymous said...

The militaries stupid regulations have to be dealt with. I had to pull guard duty in Vietnam with orders not to shoot unless fired upon. That truly stinks, Who else would be trying to get through the barbed wire in the middle of the night except the enemy. Give them first shot and hope they miss? then in Germany all posts were without ammo only the Sargent of the guard had live rounds and only eight in the 45 cal. pistol. Yelling bang bang never stopped anyone. We had a problem in Vietnam with the dinks sneaking in and turning the claymores around just be for an attack. In November of 68 we were being attacked by Vietcong and we could see through the star lite scope that regulars were waiting just beyond the VC. they took out 11 bunkers in purple sector in a row and almost made it to the ammo dump before we successfully repelled the attack. four women were coming across the air strip headed for the twin barreled 40mm duster with AKs blazing. the duster stopped firing at the NVA regulars and turned to the four women. the women disappeared in a puff of smoke with 4 direct hits. One of the VC was crossing the barbed wire with a 40 pound satchel charge on the ground beside him. A 40mm round hit right between his feet and split him in two from the groin to the neck. it didn't harm the satchel charge. to make a body count after the sun came up we had to sake the bushes for parts. Many of the dead had been dragged off but we came up with enough parts to make a complete body count for eleven. They killed 14 in the eleven bunkers they knocked out. The next day we rebuilt the bunkers and beefed up the equipment. Now every bunker had either a 50 cal. or an M-60 and plenty of ammo. That base was hit hard 6 months later and was completely destroyed with 3,500 dead or wounded out of 5,000. 9 medevac choppers were shot down and snoopy had to clean up after the third day. Then the camp was bulldozed. Five in my platoon survived out of 46. One shot would have put everybody on the alert. I never carry an empty gun now.