Thursday, July 16, 2015

OH: Burglar Disarms Homeowner, then Flees

The man said that he got away from Hanley long enough to grab a handgun from underneath a pillow on the couch and fire a shot at the suspected burglar, the report said.

The two struggled for control of the gun, which Hanley eventually wrestled away from the victim, police said.

Hanley pointed the gun at the victim and said he would kill him if he called police, according to a police report. Hanley ran out the front door and climbed into a white car waiting outside.
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Wireless.Phil said...

Back in the mid 90s, my late friend lined in Olmsted Township, I lived in a bigger city the next town over, North Olmsted.

Olmsted Township, if you look at a satellite view isn't that developed, while North Olmsted has a huge Great Northern Mall area and all along Lorain Road its wall to wall businesses.

Liked living there, close to the airport, to Cleveland, the Metro-Parks, and Lake Erie is only a few miles north, but taxes are higher.