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Barbarians at the Gate WI: Owner Defends Store and Self with AR 15 clone (Video)

On July 3rd, 2015, Ronnie Murrar grabbed a sport utility rifle when it counted.  It was a good choice.   Three robbers smashed through a concrete barrier and into the gates of his store with a stolen mini-van.  Ronnie accessed an AR 15 pattern rifle and fired at the invaders as they attempted to squeeze through the damaged gates.  At seconds 54-57, he fires about 7 shots.

Link to video

Deishun L. Byrd-McWay has been charged in the incident.  He showed up at the hospital with three gunshot wounds.  Three hits in three seconds out of seven shots at about 20 yards is pretty good.   In the video, Ronnie does not appear to be using the sights, but does have the rifle at his shoulder, using a variation of a point shooting technique.

The video illustrates many of the virtues of the AR 15 type rifle for defense of self and others. It is easy to use, points naturally, is easy to control with mild recoil, and has sufficient magazine capacity that you do not have to worry about a reload or attempt to count your shots in a tense, life and death situation.

After the perpetrators flee, Ronnie puts down the rifle and grabs his pistol to investigate the damage to the door.   A pistol allows a person to be armed without having a gun in their hand when the police arrive.

 From on 23 July:
The owner of the store found out Wednesday he won't be charged in the shooting.

The attorney for Bouchard's owner told WISN 12 News reporter Christina Palladino his client had every right to defend himself after three men with guns broke into his store.

"The persons who tried to break into his store that night not only intended to steal but intended to kill him,” attorney John Schiro said.He said the video clearly illustrates how the men rammed the back of a stolen minivan into concrete posts blocking the entrance. Then, the men jumped out and tried to squeeze through the opening of the gate.

I wonder if my good friend, Jim Blair, of Blair's hardware, sold Ronnie the rifle.  Jim gained momentary national attention during the run up to the Clinton "Assault Weapon" ban when he defended the Second Amendment on TV in the Milwaukee area.  He sold dozens of rifles and cases of ammunition out of the Blair Hardware family store in Butler, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

It is activism such as Jim's that has helped to educate citizens to the virtues of sport utility rifles for defense of self and others.

Jim is a superb shot with rifle and pistol, competing in high power rifle events at Camp Perry.

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