Sunday, July 19, 2015

CA: Restaurant Owner wins Gunfight, Kills Two

“The preliminary investigation has determined both suspects were armed with handguns (and) attempted to rob the victim,” police said in a written statement.“During the robbery, one of the suspects fired multiple shots at the victim, striking the victim once. The victim, a local business owner, returned fire striking both suspects.”

The business owner, a man estimated to be in his 30s, was expected to survive his injuries, Lt. Michael Bergman said.
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Unknown said...

Moms demand Action, Ca Attorney General Kamala Harris, Ca Sen Kevin Deleon, Ca Democrats please take note. Your policies would have killed the good guy business owner.

Wireless.Phil said...

No gunsin Japan, but crime still happens!

Read down the page or click on the "crime" tab.

The first page is full!

Anonymous said...

It may take some time to become a polite society but we are getting there. the more criminals that bite the dust the lower the crime rate will be. successful criminals get bolder and do more crimes and successful victims lower the crime rate.