Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Illinois concealed carry, FOID update approved

An update to Illinois FOID and concealed carry acts has been signed into law.

State Sen. Gary Forby, D-Benton, said the legislation stemmed from the case of a lifelong hunter whose FOID card was revoked by the state after 13 years.

The gun enthusiast has a mild intellectual disability. The 2013 law that allowed concealed carry in Illinois prevented people with mild disabilities who seek services from the state from possessing or using firearms.

“If someone is capable of safely using a firearm either recreationally or in cases of self-defense, we shouldn’t take that right way,” said Forby, who supported the measure.

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Maluka said...

Most of the politicians in this country have "learning" disabilities and all of the democrats are crooks but thousands have permits. If it were not for crooked politicians Illinois would have a much lower prison budget. In Illinois, I believe the governors retirement checks are sent directly to the state prison for commissary credit.