Sunday, May 29, 2016

Basketball Player Breaks into Apartment, Bedroom, is Shot, Dies

Bryce Dejean-Jones was shot after he broke into an apartment, then broke down the bedroom door, all without attempting to identify himself.  The young and talented basketball player may have believed that he was breaking into the apartment of the estranged mother of his 1-year-old child, which has been reported to be a floor above in the same apartment complex. Having visited the woman recently, he may have known that she was unarmed.

Dejean-Jones, a 23-year-old shooting guard with the National Basketball Association team, kicked in the front door of an apartment, police said in a statement. The noise woke up the resident in his bedroom, they said, and Dejean-Jones failed to respond when the man called out.

When Dejean-Jones kicked the bedroom door, the man shot him with a handgun, the statement said.

Dejean-Jones collapsed in the apartment's breezeway and died at a hospital. The shooting is under investigation, police said.

Dejean-Jones was "believed to be breaking into the apartment of an estranged acquaintance" but entered the wrong one, the apartment complex manager said in an email to residents obtained by Dallas NBC television station KXAS.
Dejean-Jones was shot once in the abdoment with a handgun.  No toxicology reports are available at this time.

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