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DE: Knife Wielding Burglar Shot, Killed - in 2005

This story appears to be circulating on the internet without a date:

The incident occurred at a home on Cathleen Drive in Burtonwood Village. At approximately 11:30 p.m., a male suspect identified as Porter, was observed inside of the victim's shed by a neighbor. The neighbor, 58-years-old, armed himself with a .38 caliber revolver and responded to the victim’s house to notify him.

Once the victim, 43, was contacted, he went to his shed and was confronted by the suspect who was armed with a knife. The suspect allegedly came towards the victim with the knife, so the victim attempted to close the shed door to protect himself.

The suspect was halfway out of the shed jabbing the knife towards the victim and neighbor, when the neighbor told him to drop the knife several times. The suspect refused to drop the knife, so fearing for the safety of the victim and himself, the neighbor shot the suspect one time in the face.

I have found it listed along with stories for May 28 2016 It seems to have actually happened on February 15, 2005. Here is the story from that date, captured by
A 58-year-old man saw a stranger inside the shed next door and armed
himself with a .38-caliber revolver before going to alert his neighbor,
said state police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham.

The neighbor and the resident, who is 43, went to the shed and were
confronted by the intruder, who was armed with a knife, Oldham said.

As the suspect lunged toward the men, the resident tried to close the
shed door to protect himself, but caught the suspect in the doorway,
Oldham said.

With his upper body outside the door, the intruder kept jabbing the
knife at the men, Oldham said. They told the man repeatedly to drop the
knife, but he kept trying to stab them, Oldham said.

The neighbor then fired his gun once, hitting the intruder in the face,
Oldham said. The resident and neighbor both stayed with the suspect
until state police and medical personnel arrived, he said. They were not injured.
 Be wary of stories without dates in the story itself.

Dean Weingarten

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