Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Katie Couric And The Anti-Gun Documentary: Not Just Vanishing Journalism Ethics, But Vanishing Consensus That Journalism Has Any Obligation To Be Ethical

Fortunately, one of the gun owners in the sequence, VCDL President Philip Van Cleave, recorded the actual event before it was edited to make gun owners look like mutes. There was no pause. The members offered several answers. They were omitted from the documentary, with a pause inserted instead to bolster an anti-gun agenda.

Couric was aware of the deceptive editing, apparently questioned it, but allowed it to remain in the documentary. This is signature significance: no ethical journalist—if there even is such a thing any more—does this, ever, even once. While various media reporters on the left have expressed their disapproval, they have also muted their criticism to try to minimize the damage to their own profession. Here is NPR’s David Folkenflik, for example:

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Anonymous said...

There is a video on U-Tube that I think every gun owner and veteran should watch. I can personally verify a good part of it is accurate and true. I had a very high top secret clearance. The title of the video is "America's hideous past and sinister future". Watch the entire video and believe it's content. It gives a good insight who is trying to get our guns and why. the only problem is the list needs to be updated for who is currently needed to be identified.