Thursday, May 19, 2016

MA: Voters Reject more Restrictions on Gun Owners

WGGB-TV reports that Longmeadow, Mass. residents recently voted down a series of controversial gun control initiatives at the annual town meeting last week.

Voters rejected proposals that would require gun owners to provide the police department with descriptions of each firearm they own, limit where guns can be carried in town and ban certain types of guns and magazines inside town lines altogether.
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Anonymous said...

In voting these restrictions down, the position that these issues are subject to the democratic vote is instantly conceded. Knowing these things would be voted down does not stop the gun grabbers, because they win anyway! They win the PREMISE that these issues ARE subject to the vote and so all they have to do now is wait until they can impose enough propaganda upon enough of a generation, or more than one generation, in order to succeed in their disarmist goals.

They think long the pro gun community is conned into thinking they actually won something by voting it down.

We must stop being fooled in order to stop being fools.
Please pray that Americans wake up to the con being ran upon us - before it is too late.

Jerry The Geek said...

"Democracy is the Tyranny of the Masses". (Hamilton)

That's why America is ".. a Republic, Madam, if we can keep it".

(Benjamin Franklin)