Monday, May 30, 2016

NY: Home Defender Charged with Illeagal weaopn Possession

The .38 revolver was obtained illegally.  Quinones may have been involved in illegal activities.

While Quinones struggled with one man the other fired two shots in his direction. He "disengaged from the struggle" and the men ran around the east side of the building toward Ash Street, police said.

Quinones quickly grabbed a loaded revolver that he had hidden nearby under a row of bushes along the back side of 208 Ash St., police said. Quinones ran around the west side of the building toward Ash Street. When he got to Ash Street Quinones again encountered the two robbers.

It was then that one of the robbers fired several shots toward Quinones, police said.

Quinones returned fire, hitting the man in the head and causing his death, police said.
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