Monday, May 30, 2016

NH: Maggie Hassan Vetos Constitutional Carry, Again

Vermont has had concealed carry since statehood.  It is right next door to New Hampshire, with similar demographics.  Vermont's crime rate is slightly lower than New Hampshire's.

CONCORD — As expected, Gov. Maggie Hassan Friday vetoed House Bill 582, which would do away with the requirement to have a concealed weapon permit.

She vetoed a similar bill last year, and like last year, the House and Senate lack the necessary two-thirds majority to override the veto.

“As I said when I vetoed nearly identical legislation last year, New Hampshire’s current concealed carry permitting law has worked well for nearly a century — safeguarding the Second Amendment rights of our citizens while helping to keep the Granite State one of the safest states in the nation,” Hassan wrote in her veto message. “It is a permitting system that gives an important oversight role to local law enforcement while ensuring that an appeal process is in place if a permit is denied, a law that Republican Governor Mel Thomson said was ‘a sensible handgun law.’”

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