Friday, May 27, 2016

Townhall: Katie Couric Busted for Anti-Second Amendment Propaganda

Yesterday, Pavlich wrote about Katie Couric being busted for deceptively editing her group interview with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Couric has a new anti-gun documentary, Under the Gun, and it seems the folks behind this piece of propaganda were doing everything they can to make pro-gun activists look like idiots. In the clip, Couric asking “if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons, or terrorists, from walking into a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun?” The feature shows seconds of silence as to insinuate that Couric has stumped them. It’s pure unadulterated crap, as Stephen Gutowski of the Free Beacon pointed out with the unexpurgated audio clip that took place.

Yet, have no fear, folks. The makers of this documentary didn’t mean to make them look like thoughtless troglodytes. In fact, The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple noted that the statement that sought to clarify the editing seemed to a) admit to it as such and b) was probably one of the most pathetic excuses ever to give for engaging in such behavior. This is how director Stephanie Soechtig explained the omission of the VCDL audio [emphasis mine]:

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Justin said...

Dean, can you shoot me your email? Working on a gun project and was interested in one of your posts.

Justin George
Baltimore Sun crime reporter
Marquette University O’Brien Fellow in Public Service Journalism

Wireless.Phil said...

I heard she was working on this rubbish, but didn't really care because I can't stand her!

Anonymous said...

Ironically, in her zeal to produce and promote blatant propaganda, Couric (the one who thought a it was a puddle jumper that flew into the WTC by accident) actually portrayed the most brutally honest answer to her own question.....and nobody has the sense to see it!

You see, the reality based actuality is that silence is the most proper response to her question! Why? Well, factually speaking, and as is undeniably historically proven - there is NO way to stop those bent on doing violence from obtaining a tool with which to commit it. Ever. If a person wants a firearm bad enough, they will get one, from somewhere. If they want a hammer, a blade or heck even a rock, they will indeed procure one from some direction, no matter what "law" do gooders put in place trying to "stop" them.

For sure the untoward and deceitful editing was intended to make gun rights defenders look unintelligent, but in a instance of Karma, Couric actually made herself look stupid and ignorant. She missed how huge the backfire is, almost as hilariously as the rest of the public has missed it. Like I said, she actually provided the real truth, though with attempted dishonesty.

There is no law, no code, no statute, no deterrent whatsoever that can accomplish the premise of the question she asked. Indeed, exposed more than her own deceitful character is the real truth that the premise from which she operates is ITSELF false.

Anonymous said...

Don't pick on couric, remember she is mentally deficient. We should feel sorry for the mentally deprived. Ha Ha. Not for her I don't, she is sick.