Saturday, May 28, 2016

UK: Weapons Cache, Table Knives, Tweezers and Hammer?

Here is the headline from the

A haul of weapons and more than £30,000 in cash were seized by police in a major drugs bust this morning.

I thought the U.S. was being converted to a bunch of wimps.  This is pathetic.  Any normal 15 year old could come up with better weapons than this collection from the kitchen drawer and utility closet.  A golf club or Cricket bat would be more formidable.

 A tip of the hat to Just an Earth-Bound Misfit, I.

The Metropolitan Police must be hard pressed to justify their jobs.  No wonder the Muslims think that they can easily conquer and convert Europe.

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robins111 said...

That's nothing, a couple of years ago, the Edmonton Alberta SWAT team was called out because an 8 year old boy was chasing his friends with an empty 30-06 cartridge case..

Unknown said...

High capacity assault tweezers. Dear God in heaven. England really DID give its best and brightest up in two world wars... leaving the addled public education victims in charge.

As Ray Davies sang, "There's no England now."