Monday, May 30, 2016

OH: Misloaded Gun Dooms Bank Robber in Dramatic Video

.380 has a maximum diameter of .374.  A .38 Special has a case diameter of .380.  Thus a .380 does not have a way to head space in a .38 Special chamber.  For the uninformed, a box of ammunition labled .380 may appear to be correct for a firearm labled .38 Special. 

If Terry Frost did try to fire his gun, he was unsuccessful because he had the wrong type of ammunition in his gun. Police confirmed to FOX 45 sister station Local 12 in Cincinnati that Frost was carrying a .38 Special but had loaded .380 ammo.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said there had been an attempt to fire the gun but they can't be sure it was during that robbery at the Fifth Third Bank on Madison Road.

More Here with video 

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