Wednesday, May 11, 2016

David Codrea: Comment on Social Security Gun Grab, with Link

David Codrea explains why it is important to comment on these gun-grabbing regulatory proposals from the Obama Administration.  I have done so already.

We do not give these usurpers one inch toward their end goal, at least I won't. We make them fight for everything and thwart them at every opportunity.  They get no "gimmes." Because every beachhead you cede to them is one less pocket of resistance they need to worry about, and allows them a foothold from which to launch their next incursion, maybe into something you do care about enough to fight.

I urge everyone here to do two things right now, exactly what I asked for in the article -- share the information with your gun owner friends and encourage them to join you in leaving a comment at:!docketDetail;D=SSA-2016-0011

At this writing, there are only a few dozen comments. Everyone here should find that unacceptable.

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Anonymous said...

all of these requests to take action on the internet I see as a plan to get very good lists of those that will resist. I never reply to any of them. I would but I just cant see giving them a freebie. I post as an anonymous poster for that reason. I think that is the reason for the anonymous designation. sure it can be tracked but one list is better than 50 or more lists. I think I will just hide and watch and be a big surprise to the gun grabbers. they can explain why their unconstitutional authority is better than my constitutional guaranteed rights while my bullets are being removed from their hide.