Monday, May 23, 2016

Followup MS: Domestic Defense found in Shooting Death of Firefighter

No criminal charges will be filed against Michelle Moore in the Aug. 26 shooting death of her estranged husband, Biloxi firefighter Richard Lewis "Ricky" Moore, 45.

"The grand jury considered the facts of this case, and one issue was self-defense," District Attorney Tony Lawrence said. "Their decision to issue a no true bill means they found that there was not sufficient proof of criminal wrongdoing."

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Anonymous said...

I have not heard how the case in La Paz county turned out. but if the defendant was found not guilty then the California High way Patrol man would be guilty of murder by cop. Not many dead people think to replace their weapon in their holster after they are dead. but several shots to the chest and one to the head is an assignation. the coroner turned the body over and found the empty gun in the holster in the middle of the waist in the back. with your hands in the air it makes for a very difficult fast draw for an empty gun. when you have surrendered there is no need for several shots to the chest and one to the head. that is murder and a guarantee of no survival. It seems to be a pattern for California highway patrol.