Wednesday, September 07, 2016

After conceal carrying for 5 years, what did I learn?

A good summation by Gun Toting Dad.

I just finished with my class for renewing my carry permit. Here in Minnesota, we have to renew every five years, and part of that renewal is going through the class again and submitting the application. I starting thinking about how I have changed and how the world has changed since I started carrying.

On the personal side, I started carrying at first because I could legally carry. I had one carry gun and one holster. As with most carriers, this did not last long. Soon I was looking for better holsters. I also changed the way I dressed. I was shopping for clothing with holsters in mind. Also, I was educating my family about firearms a lot differently that before. They soon got used to the idea of me carrying a gun. My wife got really good at letting me know if my wardrobe was not appropriate for the holster, and if I was “printing”. Before work, I would get dressed and do the fashion spin for my wife and ask her for a “Print Check”.

Soon I learned that having a single carry gun was not ideal. My M&P got supplemented by its little brother the M&P Shield. The more I carried, the more I learned about the gun laws, both local and federal. I got involved with gun rights organizations. I started researching and following the news with self defense and conceal carriers in mind.

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Wireless.Phil said...

This is the fake headline on Google news:

"Gun-buy background checks continue record-breaking pace in August"
New York Daily News - 20 minutes ago

The REAL headline:

"American gun purchases continue record-breaking pace in August, FBI data suggests"

Anonymous said...

Anyone that is not buying guns and ammo will wish they had. How many are paying attention to the news? It is past time for Americans to wake up. If you are not ready when the time comes, and it is fast approaching, it will be your fault, the hand writing is on the wall. Obama is going to get us into to a world war, we will be invaded when the SHTF. I sure hope I am wrong but I do not think I am. I'm not chicken little, I have been watching these issues for nearly 20 years. I'm still not as prepared as I would like to be but I'm better off than most. I have put back enough equipment and supplies to arm and equip a fire team. I fear my best effort is not going to be enough. I will wait to see how things go by the end of Trump's presidency before backing off of my efforts. I still believe that we have not seen the worst of Obama. He wants a third term. Everything is in place for him to try and get it. Congress passes laws, Obama writes executive orders and has written hundreds going around congress. Obama has no respect for our constitution and I believe he is intent on destroying this country any way he can. I can tolerate people thinking I'm weird if I have the last laugh.