Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Looking for Picture of "No Gun" sign at Cascade Mall in Burlington Washington

Image by Brandy Shreve/ Skagit Valley Herald

The Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington is the latest site of a mass killing.  Motive is uncertain, but the shooting was done by a 20 year old immigrant from Turkey, who came here as a young boy.  

The Cascade Mall has been widely reported as a gun free zone.  I believe it is.  It has been stated that the parent company, Macerich, has a corporation wide gun free zone policy.  From an opencarry.org post:

Cascade Mall (201 Cascade Mall Drive) - Burlington (Macerich Corporate-wide policy, due to this thread)
 I am looking for image to  verification of the gun free policy at Cascade Mall.  I have found several references saying that it is, but a picture would have more impact.  The picture above, from the Skagit Valley Herald, does not have sufficient resolution to be sure.  It is possible that the no guns policy is in the Code of Conduct at the upper left of the picture.

If anyone can check, or come up with a picture, I would use it in an article showing that the Cascade Mall is indeed a gun free zone.

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Anonymous said...

I just called them... "Ben" in security verified that they do not allow guns in their mall. I asked "So, it's considered a gun-free zone?" Ben said "Yes maam"

Security phone number at Cascade Mall: 360-757-2080

Unknown said...

It's not unlawful to carry a weapon into the mall if you have your CPL. From what I can see of the WA laws, the places that are "Gun Free Zones" (aside from courthouses, schools, etc as mentioned in RCW 9.41.300) are not ACTUALLY gun free zones. They can have you trespassed if you refuse to leave when asked (if asked by them, but they can also call PD to ask you to leave if they'd prefer), but the gun itself doesn't appear to be an issue. The laws are the same in Colorado - With a CCW Permit I can carry my weapon into a "Gun Free Zone" theater; however, when a manager (not a regular employee) asks me to leave, I must leave. If I refuse, I can be trespassed. But if I'm properly concealed, you wouldn't know anyway.

I've been digging through the WA laws on this, and I can't find anything more than that at the state level - there may be stuff that's enacted at a lower level for the area. I'm still checking.

IMO, if you don't want to carry concealed, but are so paranoid that none of us can either... shop online.

Anonymous said...

Well EM you beg the state for the right to live. and get your CPL, CCW. CCP or what ever any state calls it. As soon as every state issues each person a personal body guard for 24 hour protection the state can require what ever it wants until then I'm taking care of my own protection requirements. If anyone wants to deny me my God given Rights they better be faster and more accurate than I am. Defending your life is not a crime. No one has a right to draw on you for doing so. drawing on you is a crime called criminal assault with a fire arm. A badge does not change that. a crime under color of law is still a crime.

Unknown said...

Anon - So what you're saying is that you can draw to defend your life, but an officer can't? I'm sorry, but I don't understand your logic... People with badges are still people, and also have a right to protect themselves -- but this post actually has ZIP to do with that at all...

And moreover, I am stating that with a CPL in Washington State you CAN carry LEGALLY into a so called "Gun Free Zone". If somebody sees your weapon and asks you to leave, then you must leave or they can contact the police who can/will cite you with trespassing -- the trespass will have nothing to do with your firearm, and won't affect that at all (but there really is no reason NOT to leave when they tell you to go).

If you don't have a CPL and you carry concealed, then you deserve whatever rights you have taken away from you, to be taken away from you. You can say they're "God Given" all you want, but they are not. This is sadly no longer the land of the free so much as the "land of the free to do the things we approve of".

Anonymous said...

No. EM, I'm saying a badge is not a license to kill. Cops use any excuse to claim they shot in self defense. the addition of body cameras is making liars out of them daily. I recently watched a video from a dash camera the cop dragged a pregnant woman out of her car and threw her on the ground. If it would have been my wife that cop would be lucky to ever walk again. let him pull his gun he would be farting bullets. I am a victim of police brutality. I came very close to being shot. It will never happen again. There is an old story about a cop that shot a suspect because he said he thought he saw a gun. as soon as the shooting was over that cop called in and a cop involved shooting team showed up. before the shooting team got there 11 plain clothed officers went over to check the body. when the coroner showed up he turned the body over and sure enough there was a weapon in fact there were 11 weapons under the body. cops steal more guns than the criminals do so they have a throw away handy. theft of a fire arm is a mandatory five year federal crime sentence.

Anonymous said...

EM: you claim they say it is legal to carry if you have your CPL. Do you you have your right to post on this site because you have a constitutional guaranteed right to express your self or because you have paid for a license to exercise a privilege? the second amendment is just as much a right as your right to express yourself. No one can make you shut up and no one can tell you not to carry. You can not license , regulate, require a permit or tax a right.