Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Keith Ellison Proposes Law Requiring Disclosure of Campus Carry

United States Representative Keith Ellison (D) Minnesota, is a far left politician who was first elected to the House in 2006.  His initial claim to fame was that he was the first Muslim representative in the U.S.  He has introduced a bill to require institutes of higher learning to inform prospective students and faculty about their gun policies. From startribune.com:
Inspired by Priest’s concern, Ellison introduced legislation that would require colleges and universities to disclose information on their gun policies on websites and in promotional materials for prospective students and their families.

The bill is co-sponsored by a handful of Democrats, but no Republicans, which means there is a minuscule chance of it passing the GOP-controlled House. Ellison says the measure wouldn’t ban guns from campus, but would require schools to disclose when students are allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Eight states have laws on the books that allow people who are not barred from owning a gun to carry a concealed firearm on college campuses. Arkansas is a ninth, but its law is being challenged in court.
The bill is not going anywhere, at least not this session.  The courts have found such micro-managing legal, as long as the schools accept federal money.  Such reporting could easily be tied to a schools ROTC program, or acceptance of GI Bill benefits, for example.

This is amusing, because the result is not likely to be to Congressman Ellison's liking.  When I was helping to search for my daughter's choice of an institute of higher education, I attempted to find out what the policy was about firearms.

I had a very positive experience in my time at university, because I had been recruited to the University of Wisconsin pistol team when I was a freshman.

It took a little digging to find the information 17 years ago.  Extremely few colleges had rifle teams; almost none had pistol teams.  Most schools forbid carrying a pocket knife. Shooting was well on the way to being eradicated on campus, driven out by the extreme anti-military bias among "progressive" academe.

I predict that as schools have been forced to recognize Second Amendment rights, those schools will attract more, better disciplined, and motivated students to that school.  A good indicator of this are online polls.  Online polls are not scientific, but they do a good job of measuring intensity.  When you consider online polls, Second Amendment supporters outnumber gun haters by 3-10 to 1.  If you are not motivated to respond to an online poll, it is unlikely that you will pull your child from a school, or refuse to consider it, because the Second Amendment is honored there.

Institutes of higher learning have become enthusiastically antagonistic to Second Amendment rights.  The few forced by legislatures to grudgingly accept those rights will not be ignored by Second Amendment supporters.  If a few gun haters are deterred from attending or teaching there, it will be viewed as a positive outcome.  That is what happened in Kansas, where the child of Kieth Ellison's constituent left campus to find a less Second Amendment friendly campus.

Priest is pulling her son out of KU. Together, they will find a new school where “the gun culture is not authorized by the state government.”
Gun haters have a wide choice of gun hating schools.  There are a few where limited Second Amendment rights have been restored. Those schools will attract better students and better teachers.

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