Saturday, September 24, 2016

OR: Armed Citizen Shot Pit Bull that Attacked his Leashed Dog

Portland police say the gun-wielding man was not arrested because he had a concealed weapons permit and his dog was attacked. Investigators will turn the case over the Multnomah County District Attorney's office.

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Anonymous said...

My German Shepard has the sweetest personality. Yesterday I was walking her with her leash. A neighbors dog got out of the fenced yard and attacked her. the neighbor was right there to pull his dog off of mine. I was armed but I did not draw. we both checked my dog for injuries and she was ok. If I had taken her leash off that dog would have been in big trouble. she has about 15 pounds on that dog. and was raised around larger dogs. chocolate labs, hunting dogs so she can take care of business. Not too long a go a black lab started for her on my property. I stepped between them and the black lab stopped. His owner was walking him and was right there to collect him. I have had dogs in my yard that would not let me out of my front door. their bodies were dumped in the desert. I wont keep a biting dog. If I cant trust them around kids they are gone.