Friday, September 16, 2016

KS: Followup on Good Smaritans at WalMart Attack in Kansas

Another suspect has been arrested in the WalMart parking lot case where two good Samaritans came to the aid of a woman and a baby who were being attacked by two men.

The first good Samaritan, a veteran of the Iraq and Afghan wars, was shot as he attempted to help.  The second good Samaritan shot one of the suspects dead.

Both the woman and the first good Samaritan were taken to the hospital.  The second good Samaritan was interviewed by police at the scene and released.

The second suspect ran off.  The police arrested one man, based on video footage, but then released him.  A second suspect, Arther Fred Wyatt III, was arrested on Tuesday, 13 September, 2016, by Shawnee police.

Wyatt is charged with attempted first degree murder, attempted aggravated kidnapping, and attempted aggravated robbery.

He was on parole for involuntary manslaugther.  From
Wyatt was released from the Kansas Department of Corrections in July after serving a sentence for a 2009 involuntary manslaughter case in Wyandotte County and subsequent violation of probation.
It is likely that Wyatt was prohibited from possessing or carrying firearms.

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Anonymous said...

I have been to this Wal-Mart many times. They have cameras on the entire parking lot (for their protection), where is the video?

Anonymous said...

I take issue with being able to legally carry. anyone anywhere is legally able to defend themselves with any force necessary to survive the attack. when you get convicted for breaking the law society requires a penalty, whether it be a fine, time in jail or probation. All of those penalties have limits. Once you have reached those limits your penalty is paid. society is made whole. If the penalty was not effective that is the courts problem. If you are not fit to be released, you should not be released. But when you are released you have a duty to protect yourself and others from harm because that is what we expect of others that have not had to pay a penalty. You are made less equal during your penalty. once your penalty is over you are supposed to become a productive citizen and are equal again. we are supposed to be treated equally under the law Once you are out from under the law for your transgressions you are equal again. not being treated equally is what causes recidivism either the court required your debt to society be paid and you did pay or you keep making mistakes and keep paying. How many people would pay for the car they drive past the end of the last payment. Once the car is paid off your debt is cleared. You no longer have to make payments on something you can prove you own. I think everyone would get very upset if they had to make payments on their car for the rest of their life. If you want people to be productive useful citizens stop blocking their efforts to rejoin society and do just that. every car has a price and every crime has a price. Once you have made all the payments the debt is cleared. crimes with guns are no different than crimes with cars. it they were different most of the cops would be disarmed. You go out and pull a gun on someone just because you are afraid. what other reason is there to pull your gun? the basic reason to pull a gun is fear. cops have no duty and no right to initiate contact and then shoot you. if you are not armed or aggressive. I have been there it will never happen again. I carry I know how to pop a cap and I am very good at it. all my life I have never started a fight but I sure enjoy stopping one. Killer cops owe society big time. If they are afraid to be on the street they belong in a different job. those that cover up for bad cops are just as guilty. I never want to kill anyone but when it comes to self defense I hope someone knows what kind of flowers they like. the fact is there is no such thing as a urine proof grave site.