Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pre-View Gun Rights Policy Confernce, Tampa FL, 2016

Set-up nearly finished for 2016 GRPC

I am writing from the Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) in Tampa, Florida.  Got up at 0400 this morning in Dallas where I was visiting family.  The Dallas/Fort Worth airport was easy to get to, but if you are flying out of it,  research off-site parking.  The $24 a day inside the airport parking is a little stiff.

Once inside, the ticket counter agent knew her gun protocol inside and out.  No problem.  The TSA agent did not need to X-ray.  Maybe an extra 5 minutes, max.  Going through the security screening a bit of a pain, but fairly efficient.

On the Shuttle from the Tampa airport to the Hotel, I ran into David Sigale, the lawyer who won the Commenwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Second Amendment case.  He gave me some interesting tidbits about the appeal.  It is the Parents Teachers Student Association of Tanapag Middle School who is appealing the case.  The District judge said that they did not have standing; they appealed the ruling about standing to the Ninth Circuit.

In Tampa, I reminded myself that Florida is one of the five remaining states that generally outlaw open carry of firearms.  It took a little wardrobe adjustment to make sure I was obeying the law.  I have had a Florida CCW permit for many years.  I walked a block to the Subway on the corner, and ordered a sandwich.  I was wearing an instructor pullover shirt with collar and an embroidered Isher Enterprises insignia showing a Glock profile.

The sandwich maker behind the counter noticed the embroidered pistol logo, and asked if I preferred .40 or .45.  I said 9mm and mentioned that it did not really make much difference, they were all fine calibers.  I told him about the Gun Rights Policy Conference, and handed him my card.

From then on, we were brothers of the gun.  He had a bit of an accent, but I do not think he will be voting for Hillary.

 Back at the Airport DoubleTree by Hilton, the Second Amendment Foundation Staff were busy setting up the GRPC with local volunteers from Florida Carry.  I talked with They have an open carry case that is waiting for a decision at the Florida Supreme Court.  The case has been ongoing for years. A decision is expected by the end of this year.

SAF staff setting up registration for tonight.

There were several people from Arizona Citizen's Defense League helping set up as well.  If you want to meet movers and shakers among Second Amendment supporters, this is the place to do so.  In just a couple of hours, I had agreed to do two more book reviews. 

This evening, Friday, is a good time to meet and rub elbows with people like John Lott, Phillip Van Cleave of Virginia Citizens Defense League, Alan Gura, Alan Gottlieb, and assorted other luminaries.

It starts in a few minutes. 

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Anonymous said...

Dean you may want to give this information to some of those at the conference.

Gibbons V Ogden 1824 U.S. supreme court when a federal and state law are in conflict the federal law is supreme. this ties in with the second and tenth amendments application to state gun laws and the separation of powers, states can not infringe on the second amendment. Marbury v Madison 1803.a law repugnant to the constitution is void. this makes all state gun laws void because they conflict with the U.S constitution. Shall Not Be infringed. all state gun laws are infringements by definition. the states have no power to modify or add words to the second amendment. The states are required to enforce the second amendment as written.