Saturday, September 24, 2016

ME: Mother Uses Gun to Keep Intruder at Bay

WATERBORO — When a mother woke up to see a man in her house shining a flashlight in her face early Tuesday morning, she told him she had a gun and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

But the woman, whose two young children were with her in the home on Back Road, was able to initially talk the man – whom she said was drunk – outside, after she got her weapon. He came inside again, she wrote in a social media posting on the York County Sheriff ’s Office page, then deputies arrived and took him into custody.
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Anonymous said...

I can remember the day when a man tried to get into our home while my dad was at work I was only about 3 years old. he was drunk and I thought my mother was going to kill him with my rocking chair she was pregnant at the time with my younger brother. that was back when not everyone had a telephone.