Monday, September 26, 2016

Gun Right Policy Conference: Jeff Knox, Three Legislative Initiatives to Push

Jeff Knox says that there are three legislative initiatives that are in Washington, D.C. , that are being ignored by the Republican leadership.

He says that the bills should be passed to make President Obama veto them, to make the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans clear and obvious.  It is a winning issue for Republicans, and they should highlight it.

The three issues are these:

1.   Replace "Sporting Purposes" in the Gun Control Act of 1968 with "Lawful Purposes".  The "Sporting Purposes" restriction was lifted from the NAZI German law.  "Sporting Purposes" has been used by the BATFE to restrict many firearms from importation in the United States, and to outlaw otherwise legal firearms in the United States.

2.  Remove suppressors aka silencers, from the National Firearms Act.  These items should never have been restricted.  There was never any reason given for the ridiculous level of regulation on what are, in reality, gun mufflers. Most of Europe does not have these regulations. There is wide support to remove gun mufflers from requirements for a $200 dollar tax, fingerprints, photographs, and a six month wait for regulatory approval.  The proposed bill moves silencers from being considered the same as machine guns to being in the category of ordinary rifles and shotguns.  That would mean they would be available in local gun shop, as many as you want, and then could be legally sold privately after that.  It is not perfect, but it moves in the correct direction.

3.  National Reciprocity.  The votes are there.  The have been there for a long time.  Pass a liberal national reciprocity bill that says: If you can legally carry a firearm in public spaces where you live, you may legally carry that firearm anywhere in United States territory, under the rules of that public space for their citizens.  All 50 states and most territories allow for public carry by people licensed in that state or territory.

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Anonymous said...

Th9is raises my points very clearly, where do we get out licenses for free speech. You can not license, permit, tax or regulate a constitutionally guaranteed right. the second amendment is already a national reciprocity because the second amendment is in the federal bill of rights. Any of your right can not be different from one state to another. We are first citizens of the united States of America then we are residents of the state we live in. If I have a second amendment right in Arizona I have a second amendment right in New York Shall Not Be infringed is a federal limitation. Any law repugnant to the constitution is void. shall not be infringed makes all arms laws repugnant. Congress never had any authority to pass any of the arms laws. and the states have no authority to pass laws that violate the specifics of the federal constitution. the tenth amendment has a purpose. If it was not meant by the framers to keep every article and amendment separate and independent they would not have numbered them. the tenth amendment exists to guarantee the other nine. No amendment depends on another. that is what the tenth amendment makes clear. the framers wrote a constitution to force limited or limits on government. The intent of Shall Not Be infringed is perfectly clear. by the second amendment congress can not pass arms bills and by the tenth amendment the states can not pass arms bills.

Anonymous said...

Application of The Second Amendment(Incorporation) IS "National Reciprocity"!
We in the gun rights community have to stop trying to help government cement the power of permission OVER the Second Amendment. The simple truth is that States cannot make or enforce licensing abridgments.

We need to be standing against gun control, not championing it.

Anonymous said...

My point exactly all of the states that have joined the union were required to recognize the federal constitution above the constitution of the states to join the union. the entire document must be accepted. that is the purpose of the tenth amendment. congress shall not infringe and neither can the states. Shall not is as strong as saying you damn well better not. It is an absolute command and the framers were just being polite. When the framers wrote the constitution they were in fact on a war footing. those in authority only have to say something once and demand compliance. we delegate authority to government. delegate is to loan. You can loan something to a friend. loaning is not giving. we delegated our individual authority to government to use until we say we are taking it back. we will exercise that authority for our selves. deciding what, when and where we will carry to protect ourselves. government can not tell you what car to buy and they cant tell you what gun to buy. If I had a garage I am sure I would not use it the same way my neighbors uses his. and if my neighbor demanded I use my garage exactly like he uses his, by the time his nose stopped bleeding he would understand my garage is mine not his.