Monday, September 19, 2016

Hero who Stopped Mass Stabbing in St. Cloud, MN, is Firearms Instructor, Concealed Carry Advocate

Jason Falconer on Left, with Hat

Jason Falconer is the armed citizen who stopped the mass stabbing in the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Saturday evening, September 18th, 2016.  Falconer is competitive shooter, firearms instructor and CEO of Tactical Advantage.  From

Jason Falconer is President/Owner of Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, Inc. which has been operating since 2003. Tactical Advantage currently concentrates on firearms training for individuals in a group or private setting, including permit to carry training in MN. Jason has also created advanced and customized classes for individuals who desire more advanced safety training. His business has grown primarily through student referrals, and Jason takes pride in providing the best training options available in Central MN.

Continued education and training has been a personal interest of Jason’s, as he believes each of us has something to learn no matter our level of expertise in our area of discipline. As a result, he has attended some of the best firearms training schools in the United States. His goal is to teach individuals the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be successful with firearms in order to secure their personal safety or that of their family, at home or in public. As a training professional, he continuously researches and develops new curriculum and training methods to make the training experience for his students the best they can get.

Since 2008, Jason has been assisting Ted Boran with St. Cloud State University skills training in the disciplines of decision shooting and dynamic entry. He intends to utilize this experience to further develop curriculum to instruct law enforcement professionals and qualified civilians the benefits of reality based training. Jason believes that although civilian and law enforcement students can obtain great firearms training from various sources, they are missing a key component in their personal safety training without going through reality based training.

Jason also has a law enforcement background and is the former Police Chief of the Albany Police Department. Jason also serves as the department’s firearms instructor, and has created POST Board approved firearms training curriculum.  He currently serves as a part-time officer with the City of Albany.

As a consulting member of S.M.E.A.C., Jason specializes in consulting in reality-based firearms, law enforcement and personal security training.
Jason started offering training with the passage of the shall issue concealed carry law, the Minnesota Personal Protection Act, in 2003.  He taught for 10 years before acquiring property and establishing his own range at
521 10th Ave, South Waite Park.

I can relate.  In short, Jason is a dedicated member of the Gun Culture. He is said to be a part time member of the Avon Police Department.  While the bio says that Jason is a part time officer with the city of Albany, we do not know when the bio was written.  It may be that he serves part time with both departments.

It is not unusual for police firearms instructors to maintain a part time position in the local police department, especially if the department is small. The Avon PD has three full time officers and five part time officers.  From
The Avon Police Department is currently not a 24-hour department. We are staffed with 3 full-time officers and 5 part-time officers. If you receive the answering service, police staff may not be on-duty and may not be able to return your call immediately.
The Albany Police Department is also a small department.  From
The Albany Police Department is currently comprised of 1 chief, 1 police sergeant, 2 full-time patrol officers, 5 part-time patrol officers and one non-sworn support staff.
Having a proficient firearms trainer on staff part time offers significant advantages to both the department and the instructor.  The instructor can maintain their LEOSA status, allowing for carry anywhere in United States territory.  The department is able to keep its officers qualified and conduct training with minimal additional expense.  I do not know if that is the situation with Jason; but Tactical Advantage offers the annual LEOSA  training necessary for retired officers to maintain LEOSA credentials.

Jason is keeping a low profile a the moment.  I am sure that the story, from his perspective, will eventually be known.

Hats off to Jason Falconer.

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Anonymous said...

LEOSA is not stamped on your butt when you are born. the laws that create a separate class of people entitled to self protection because they can claim to be LEOSA is BS. My father trained me then I trained myself then the army trained me. I am as safe and qualified as anyone else. Anytime anyone is trying to harm you in any way you have the right to defend yourself. depending on the kind of attack is what decides how you defend your self. since nobody knows what kind of an attack they may encounter, like the boy scouts say always be prepared, prepared for the highest level of protection that may be needed at any time. You never know if you may have to hand out some black eyes or gaping holes. My rule of thumb if they attack me they will not be attacking anyone else. I have personally cured more than one bully complex with my bare hands and I am more than happy to stop an unprovoked attack that may cost me or another their life. According to our constitution we are all created equal. LEOSA creates a higher and separate class of people that are more entitled to protection than others that makes those kinds of laws unconstitutional. If you breathe and have a heart beat you are entitled to the same rights of self defense as anyone else. No one ever checks your training record before they attack. I personally find it invigorating to surprise an attacker and make them wish they have never thought to attack. I do not like to fight that does not mean I cant. My ex wife convince her boy friend I was a coward. He hit me twice. six weeks later my daughter told me he was almost able to get out of bed with out help and was starting to eat solid food. I am almost positive he never starts fights any more.

Wireless.Phil said...

Was on the news this morning, but not on American news.

Video: Germans who are fleeing from refugees
Deutsche Welle - ‎Sep 15, 2016‎

Fearing that their homeland is being invaded by refugees, some Germans are moving to Hungary. They're attracted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's anti-refugee stance and the razor-wire fence he's erected to keep migrants out.

Anonymous said...

Well the invasion of our homeland is going on right now. I am not going anywhere. the trash in our government is selling us out. the bush's the Clintons and the Obama's want the new world order and will do what ever it take to bring it about. Real Americans will have to stand up soon and just say no, Understand the government does not have the authority it thinks it has all we have to do is make that clear. it appears the government wants us to make it clear the hard way. we can not hide and watch for ever that is what is required for the trash to succeed. complaining without doing anything is doing nothing at all. If Trump does not win this next election. the NWO'er win. that is the issue of this coming election. this nation has been dying by a thousand cuts for decades. the NWO'er are past cut 950. If the patriots are going to save this country they better do something soon. 546 people in Washington are destroying this country of 330 million.

Jim said...

Why isn't Obama and MSM touting this patriot as the hero is is? Never mind any sensible American knows why.