Saturday, January 06, 2007

AZ: One fatally shot in home invasion: "One home robbery suspect was killed and another critically wounded when six men burst into a Southwest Side home Tuesday night, sheriff's deputies say. As the suspects yelled for people in the home to get on the floor, a man in a back bedroom locked his door and loaded his shotgun ... One of the armed intruders kicked open the locked bedroom door and the resident fired a blast from the shotgun, critically wounding the intruder. When another intruder appeared in the open bedroom doorway, the resident fired again, this time fatally. The other intruders then picked up the wounded man and fled. A woman, two other men and a 9-year-old were in the home when the gunmen burst in."

Gun haters close more stores: "With little fanfare, the federal government has substantially increased the number of licenses it has taken away from gun dealers over the past five years, according to newly obtained statistics. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives pulled federal firearms licenses from 22 gun dealers across the country in 2001. That number increased almost six-fold last year when ATF revoked 131 licenses, statistics show. Despite the increase, license revocations remain exceedingly rare and the number pales in comparison with the roughly 105,000 people and businesses nationwide permitted to sell firearms and ammunition."

NJ: Judge voids city's victim disarmament law: "A New Jersey state court judge on Dec. 13 enjoined enforcement of a Jersey City ordinance limiting handgun purchasers to one gun a month. In a suit that tested the power of cities to write their own laws to curb gun-related violence, Hudson County Assignment Judge Maurice Gallipoli said he doubted the ordinance would achieve that end. And he found it pre-empted by the state's extensive gun-control scheme. Gallipoli also said the law violated equal protection grounds, deeming it arbitrary, capricious and lacking a rational basis."

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