Thursday, August 09, 2012

Canada makes visitor feel unsafe

I recently visited Calgary from Michigan. As a police officer for 20 years, it feels strange not to carry my off-duty hand-gun. Many would say I have no need to carry one in Canada.

Yet the police cannot protect everyone all the time. A man should be al-lowed to protect himself if the need arises. The need arose in a theatre in Aurora, Colo., as well as a college campus in Canada.

Recently, while out for a walk in Nose Hill Park, in broad daylight on a paved trail, two young men approached my wife and me. The men stepped in front of us, then said in a very aggressive tone: "Been to the Stampede yet?"

Herald columnist Naomi Lakritz: Officer's comments reflect cultural divide between Canada, U.S.

We ignored them. The two moved closer, repeating: "Hey, you been to the Stampede yet?"

I quickly moved between these two and my wife, replying, "Gentle-men, I have no need to talk with you, goodbye." They looked bewildered, and we then walked past them.

I speculate they did not have good intentions when they approached in such an aggressive, disrespectful and menacing manner. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ they did not pull a weapon of some sort, but rather concluded it was in their best interest to leave us alone.


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Anonymous said...

A few days ago from Canadian News CBC.

Teens carrying weapons arrested in downtown Halifax

Two teenagers, including one 17-year-old carrying a loaded gun, were arrested after a dispute on the crowded Halifax waterfront at 8:45 Saturday night.

Stabbing in Spryfield sends 1 to hospital
A man is in hospital after being stabbed on Forbes Street in Halifax last night. 12:59 PM ET

Man in hospital after stabbing in Dartmouth 12:12 PM ET