Saturday, August 04, 2012

Man who brought gun into theater defends choice

THORNTON - James "Jim" Mapes, the man who was arrested after walking into a Thornton movie theater with a gun at his waist, sticks by his choice to bring his weapon inside.

9NEWS met with Mapes Friday at his attorney's office. Mapes says the night of the Aurora theater shooting, he was at the Thornton Cinebarre Theatre. An officer asked to see his concealed-weapons permit. Everything was checked out.

"That's one of the things with the law - cooperate with law enforcement at all times, which I did," Mapes told 9NEWS.
However, on July 29 - more than a week after the Aurora theater shooting - Mapes walked into the same theater with a gun strapped to his waist. Police evacuated the theater as they searched for Mapes in the cinema. He was arrested and booked over the weekend. He was later released.

Mapes was arrested for 'investigation of a possible dangerous weapon.' According to Thornton Police, the law states that a person with a concealed carry permit cannot "display or flourish a dangerous weapon in a manner calculated to alarm another person."

Mapes says he may not counter-sue for the damages that he has suffered over the last few days. He says he has been in the news and his phone has been ringing off the hook since the incident.

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