Friday, August 17, 2012

(TX)Owner of online gun store helped capture carjacking suspect

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - At the corner of Champions Forest and FM 1960, a north Houston crime spree came to an end.

 After a short pursuit and subsequent crash of a stolen vehicle, Harris County Precinct 4 County Constables captured three adults and a juvenile accomplice.

 Investigators believe the suspects committed a half dozen violent carjackings in a matter of six hours.

 "If you want a definition of why we build prisons in Texas, it's because of these four individuals. These guys are violent individuals," said Chief Mark Herman.

 Aiding in the apprehension was Ryan Hansen, a civilian fire arms instructor who witnessed the crash and watched the occupants flee.

 "I realized suddenly that they were being chased," said Hansen.

 That's when Hansen decided to put the concealed carry lessons he teaches at the range into real-life practice.

 "As I was running after him, I was able to draw my weapon and get him to the ground and hold him there until a police officer could come and grab him," said Hansen.

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