Sunday, August 26, 2012

NYPD: Ricochets Wounded Bystanders in Jeffrey Johnson Shooting

The security cam video of Jeffrey Johnson’s final moments have hit the ‘net. At the same time ABC is reporting that “[Jeffrey Johnson] was cut down in a hail of 16 bullets that left Johnson riddled with 10 bullet holes.” Sixteen (shots fired) minus 10 (bullet holes in the perp) leaves six (rounds). How did police fire wound nine bystanders? “Some of the 10 bullet holes were exit wounds, authorities said.” Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne added that it was “very likely” all nine bystanders were “hit by police gunfire or ricochets or fragments from the planters that were hit by bullets.” The media outlet’s reporting “significant damage” to anti-car bomb cement flower pots lining the nearby curb. Will we ever know how many injuries were caused by ricochets and how many by direct hits?

Video at this link

Note: It appears that Johnson never fired a shot at the police. He is the man in the suit that comes into sight to the left of the planters. You can see him draw his gun and point it at the two officers that come up behind him. It appears as if he never fires a shot.

Update by JR:  There is a very skeptical account of the matter here

Excerpt:  Officers' gunfire injured nine passers-by while gunman fired no more bullets;    Evidence shows Johnson did not fire at police;  One victim shot by police, Robert Asika, said officers were 'firing randomly'

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Mr. Johnson did not have a concealed-carry or residential permit in New York, so his possession of the weapon was illegal in New York City, according to city officials.