Friday, August 31, 2012

(TX)San Antonio Man Tells TTAG How He (Probably) Stopped a Murder

Nick posted a DGU story yesterday of a man who was stabbing his wife in the neck outside their child’s San Antonio elementary school when a Texas CHL holder pulled his gun and stopped the attack. The good samaritan has contacted TTAG and here’s his account of what happened:

I am the guy that pulled my KelTec P3AT on the guy yesterday morning. Just to clear up the confusion, I was walking down S. St. Mary’s street IN FRONT OF Bonham Academy. I first thought that the guy was beating someone, and I ran toward him ordering him to stop. He looked at me and ignored me . . .

When I saw the blood and the knife I was about 10 or 15 ft. away from him. I pulled my gun, aimed it at him, and yelled at him again. Again he looked at me and ignored me. When he began stabbing her again I yelled to him as loud as I could. He again turned and looked at me. I told him, “dude do you see what I have aimed at your head?” He immediately dropped the knife and asked me to call 911. All of this happened in the middle of S. St. Mary’s street, not in the school parking lot. I was not charged with anything.

If you look at the :51 point on the attached KSAT 12 video, that’s me in the Bass Pro Shops t-shirt, and my wife standing next to me. I’d like to remain as anonymous as possible for obvious reasons. I’ve told all of the news sources that I do not want to be interviewed, and I don’t want my name released.

My concern is that I want the public to see that an average guy with a CHL can stop a crime as it is being committed, and in this case, no shots were fired. I’m praying that I was able to stop this guy before he did irreparable damage to his ex-wife.

I will tell you that my name is Fred. I am 62 years old, and I’ve had my CHL for about 18 months. This was the first time that I have had to aim the gun at another human being. I was never sure if I could; I now know that I can. I offered last night via email to speak at a CHL class, (for free of course), but the instructor has not answered my email. When this guy goes to trial, my name will probably be public. After the incident I was taken to the SAPD Homicide Unit where I gave a sworn statement and made a positive identification of the suspect.


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