Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plastic gun snaps in half:  "There is a case to be made for traditional metal weapons over newer, polymer technology.  Example A is provided by The Loadout Room, a subset of SOFREP.com (the special operations forces report). It reports the following photos come from a border patrol agent who fell off his ATV while training. The short visit to the hospital by the agent wasn’t the only collateral damage of the fall, though. His P2000 handgun snapped at the handle.  “It is believed that his CBS, given the location behind the gun, may have created the torque necessary for this result,” an anonymous field training officer said according to The Loadout Room report.  The most important lesson here, according to the Loadout Room, is that “there’s a value in all metal guns that take a licking and keep on ticking.”

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And how FAT was this guy?