Sunday, August 19, 2012

(OR) Gun-buying enthusiasts crash firearms 'turn-in' event at Memorial Coliseum

David West behaved as a cattle buyer might when a prized bull entered the auction ring.

 "One-hundred fifty for the revolver sir!" West shouted. "It's not too late!"

Alas, it was too late because the man with the pearl-handled revolver proceeded to turn over the firearm Saturday afternoon in exchange for a $75 Fred Meyer gift card. He chose that route rather than sell the gun for more money to West or any of a half-dozen men standing on a sidewalk between North Broadway Street and a parking lot north of Memorial Coliseum.

 They were among a group of gun buyers who'd staked out periphery positions as a firearms "turn-in" took place inside the parking lot. The Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation conducted the turn-in for four hours. Gun owners could turn in a weapon to foundation volunteers, who were assisted by Portland police with handling the weapons for eventual destruction. In return for each operable gun, owners received the gift card.

 "I believe the majority of people would not show up here today," said foundation volunteer Liz Julee, "if they did not want their gun removed from circulation."

 But a minority clearly knew that the price point began at about $80 cash to sell their weapons to West or to a handful of other buyers on the sidewalk. The group did not venture into the parking lot to solicit potential sellers, having been instructed by Portland police at last year's event to keep their distance. West, 22, traveled from Medford. One of his first purchases of the day, a Remington Nylon 66 22-caliber rifle, was for $20. He immediately resold it for $100 to another gun buyer, Darren Campbell of Salem, who recognized the firearm as worth potentially triple what he paid.

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This is political theater to delegitimize armed citizens. It only increases the demand for new guns while wasting valuable police resources and defrauding the ignorant.

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Guav said...

"I believe the majority of people would not show up here today ... if they did not want their gun removed from circulation."

Nonsense, or they wouldn't wait until the day someone is offering gift cards and money to turn in those firearms. If they simply wanted them removed from circulation, nothing is preventing them from turning them in at any police station any time they wanted.