Friday, August 31, 2012

DGUotD II: Concealed Carry Texan Stops Stabbing at San Antonio School

This hits close to home. Literally — I live in San Antonio and carry a concealed handgun. And stories like this make me glad I rarely leave home without it, no matter how safe I think the destination. As we all know, just because you’re in a school zone doesn’t mean that the bad guys will stay away. And yesterday morning, an armed citizen stopped what could have been a murder in front of a school in broad daylight, all without firing a single shot. WOAI San Antonio picks up the story . . .

The attack happened around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday outside the Bonham Academy on St. Mary’s Street. Teresa Barron, 38, had just dropped off her child at the school when the child’s father showed up, and the two got into an argument.
Its not an uncommon theme. Even the happiest couples have their rocky moments. But most of the time those issues can be resolved without having to resort to repeatedly stabbing your loved one in the neck.

The child’s father, 38-year-old Roberto Barron allegedly then stabbed the woman several times in the upper body and neck area.
So there’s the situation. A man is stabbing his wife to death in the parking lot of a school. MANY bystanders are watching, but too scared to intervene because of the knife — a weapon like that in close quarters is deadly. No one wants to get close enough to do anything for fear of being stabbed themselves. But thankfully, someone had a weapon with a little more range and was able to put an immediate stop to the situation.

Police say a bystander who happened to be a concealed handgun license holder pulled his weapon and ordered Barron to drop the knife. Barron surrendered and was taken into custody by the bystander and a school district officer.
Quick note on Texas’ concealed carry law (and while I’m not a lawyer, this is my understanding thanks to the mandatory 10-hour class): parking lots are always fair game. Schools are off limits, but their parking lots are 100% legal to carry your weapon. Same goes for your vehicle — since it is technically a domicile, you can have a concealed handgun, license or no license.

But once you step foot into that school with a concealed handgun, you’re venturing into felonious territory. Which makes you wonder what would have happened if the stabbing had taken place inside the school rather than the parking lot.

The hero of the story actually commented below, and he had some clarifications on the story:

I am the guy that pulled my KelTec P3AT on the guy yesterday morning. Just to clear up the confusion, I was walking down S. St. Mary’s street IN FRONT OF Bonham Academy. I first thought that the guy was beating someone, and I ran toward him ordering him to stop. He looked at me and ignored me. When I saw the blood and the knife I was about 10 or 15 ft. away from him. I pulled my gun, aimed it at him, and yelled at him again. Again he looked at me and ignored me. When he began stabbing her again I yelled to him as loud as I could. He again turned and looked at me. I told him “dude do you see what I have aimed at your head?” He immediately dropped the knife and asked me to call 911. All of this happened in the middle of S. St. Mary’s street, not in the school parking lot. I was not charged with anything.
The wife is in critical condition at a local hospital and the husband is currently facing an aggravated assault charge. I wouldn’t be surprised if they upped it to attempted murder eventually. Because really, when you think about it, stabbing someone in the neck is a good indication of their murderous intent.

And if that citizen hadn’t had their weapon with them, they could have witnessed a murder right there in front of the school.

Moral of the story: always be prepared. Carry all the time. Because you never know when your life — or the life of a fellow human being — might be in danger. And even the simple threat of force is often enough to end the situation.


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