Thursday, August 02, 2012

TX: Armed citizen takes gunman down

“I’m just a citizen trying to help an officer out. That’s what I was tryin’ to do.” That’s what Vic Stacy had to say while deflecting attempts to call him a hero. Stacy came to the aid of Sgt. Steven Means of the Early, TX PD who came under fire from Charles Conner. According to, Conner had already murdered two neighbors and their dogs before opening fire on the officer as he arrived on the scene. When Stacy saw Sgt. Means couldn’t get a good shot at Conner, he feared the cop would be the third (well, fifth) victim of the afternoon. So Stacy opened up with his own gun, hitting him in the thigh and knocking him down. Conner’s now in a morgue somewhere after Means and Stacy ventilated him sufficiently to end the threat. We know at least one cop who’s glad firearms aren’t restricted to police and the military.   [h/t Eric Nelson]

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